Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contracters

Fenris Security Solutions (FSS)

The twin logo of Fenris Security Solutions showing both Skalli and Hati

Unit Patch of Skalli Pack

Fenris Security Solutions is a private security firm founded by Liam and Tori Saksa, two finnish twin brothers. Both of them were officers of the finnish Special Jaegers and fought in Afghanistan. After their deployment in Afghanistan they dropped out of the military and founded their very own private security firm called Fenris Security Solutions. The twins split the firm in two, each brother – with his own brand - being responsible for either the northern or southern hemisphere. Liam took control of Skalli Pack, Tori took over Hati Pack. Skalli Pack is responsible for the southern hemisphere and Hati Pack taking contracts in the northern hemisphere.    

Unit Patch of Hati Pack


Both packs or firms are praised around the world for their skill and reliability in all sorts of contracts. Hati pact is especially trained and most effective in personal security and bulding protection. A lot of famous and rich people around the world are protected by Hati contracters. Skalli pack on the other hand is the direct action oriented branch of FSS, with years of expierence in direct combat contracts and man hunts. Skills that operators of the firm have accquiered over years in the Middle East and South America. 




Skalli Pack is active in Usambara since 2004 when the firm was hired to manage security for John's Ridge, the military base in which the International Anti-Terrorist Task Force 42 is based. On some rare occasions Skalli pack was contracted by the Usambara goverment for personal protection, but most of the time they are hired by western companies and goverments to protect VIPs and journalists. 


A Skalli contractor on the shooting range

Fenris Security Solutions is not the largest private military firm in the world, but it is among the best - skill wise, as well as equipment wise. Any recruit hoping to enter service with either pack needs to have a clean criminal record, have to served in the military (preferable special operations like the American Ranger Regiment, German KSK, British SAS or other branches) and pass a test, that rivals those of the most elite special forces. Many members of Hati pack are actual former Finnish Special Jaegers, but some find their way into Skalli pack aswell. Most members of Skalli pack are Australian SAS, New Zealand SAS and South African Special Forces. FSS recruits former military members of every skin colour and males as well as females. The ideal recruit is between 26-31 and has no family. 

Skalli contractor standing on sacks of C-notes


Over the last couple of years, FSS was in the counter-terrorist buisness, and buisness was good. Every contractor can pretty much buy any gun and every piece of gear he wants and desires. Most commonly contractors are armed with the russian build AK-74, but the american build M-4 is famous as well. In recent years the Sig Sauer MCX Low Visibility Assault Weapon got a lot of attention amongst Skalli and Hati contractors. 

Besides personal side armes and personal weapons, FSS has accquiered a couple of APCs and armoured military vehicles as well as a armada of civial vehicles, both armoured and armed as well as standard issues. The APCs are mostly with Skalli pack, but Hati pack can call a handfull their own as well. 

Besides ground vehicles, FSS has a couple of helicopters, most of them are Hughes OH-6 Cayuse but Skalli pack has access to one single Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter, based in South Africa. 

Uparmoured civilian truck and Skalli pack contractors

One of Skalli packs OH-6s

   Skalli Pack in Usambara

Colonel Ilona Koskinen, former Special Jaegers Captain, Skalli Pack Station Chief Usambara



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