Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

Unrest in Ukuechana

News reached the goverment in Kamanjab in the early morning hours. A quick meeting was held and the Joint Generals came to the conclusion that no USAS forces or Jackal Teams could be deployed to the foreign country at this time. But since Ukuechana was planing to keep its embassy open in Kamanjab, Usambara more or less couldn't close its own embassy in Ukuechana.

To free up more Ukuechana troops for the fight at home, Usambara dispatched B-Squadron of its very own Usambara Special Air Service to protect the embassy in Kamanjab.

Two B-Squadron Operator in fron of the Ukuechana embassy

The Joint Generals contacted Colonel Ilona Koskinen of Skalli Pack and brokered a deal with Hati Pack for protection for both the Ambassador himself as well as the embassy and other key personal.
Hati Pack contracters protecting Ambassador Birol Wijnstra

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Usambara Playlist

The music of Usambara

Just a selection of music I listen to when painting models, building terrain and writting stuff for Usambara. New tracks will be added to the playlist frequently.