Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Usambara Wild Life Reserve

Usambara Wild Life Reserve

The Usambara Wild Life Reserve is a world famous national park in Usambara, well known for its gentle giants, the enormous Usambara Elephants. Due to poaching over the last few decads, most of the elephants have been hunted for there ivory. (Check out the Usambara Park Rangers in the National Forces of Usambara tab for more information.

A Usambara National Guard patrol comes across one of the last herds of Usambara elephants.

 I was in the city today and came across some of these guys. They are a little bit too big, but to be honest, were else to get elephants in 1/50? And they came for just 30€, so not too bad for 5 elephants. Will be using them in a scenario soon, so stay tuned! And yeah for painted models ;)

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