Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

Murder in Kamanjab

The Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Farid Sinoxolo Allouache (55), and his bodyguards were found dead in the streets of Kamanjab, just four blocks away from the Parliament. Mr Allouache was on his way home after an almost 24-hour session of Parliament fighting against the government’s plans to demolish slums all over the country to make place for industrial complexes, the biggest one planned in Kamanjab. 

The attackers made sure, that noone could survive.

Minister Allouache travelled with heavy security, since he is one of the most prominent members of the current government to speak up against President Berko Adebayo. Soon after the killings became public, critical voices raised concern of a political assassination. President Adebayo denied any involvement of government employees into the killing and promised to bring swift justice to those responsible. 

The crime scene.

Later that night, an amateur video was uploaded on social media platforms showing the attack on the Ministers car. The attacks appear to wear a mixture of civilian and military clothing, working very fast and precise – the typical M.O. of Team Jackal, the anti-terrorist unit of the Usambara Police Force. The government still denies any responsibility, but for many this is evidence enough.  

Suspected Jackal Operator attacking the car.

In the morning, an unknown number of armed and angry Himba stormed the police station in Minister Allouaches home town of Lushoto – also known as Wilhelmstal. During the fighting, about 5 police officers were killed, several others wounded. The mob took a handful of hostages, including the local Police chief. The group demands the arrest of the Jackal operators involved in the raid and killing of Minister Allouache within 5 hours, otherwise they will start killing hostages. 

Fighting in Lushoto
 President Adebayo called for the hostilities to end, but little does the public know, that a armored convoy of police vehicles is already on the way to Lushoto. Within the convoy are some very well equiped police officiers with no markings on their uniforms and their faces covered behind black masks...

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