Mittwoch, 28. September 2016

A new dawn in Usambra!

Fellow friends, comrades, brothers-in-arms, I made a somewhat funny discovery. While watching an episode of Gilmore Girls with my girlfriend, one of the characters mentioned a flower.  So what is so special about a flower in Gilmore Girls? It was the name of the flower that caught my attention and made me rewind the episode and rewatch the scene about 5 times. The flower was called Usambaraveilchen (engl: Afircan Vilotes).

The Usambaraveilchen aka the African Violet

 Usambara? But Usambara is a work of fiction! Okay, maybe it is not a work of fiction, maybe there is a place called Usambara. A quick google search later, I found Usambara. Funny enough – Usambara is not far from my Usambara.
Before we travel to the real Usambara a quick look at my Usambara. I took the name from a Forum RPG, maybe the original creator knew about the real Usambara, I don’t know, but when I took over Usambara I relocated the Nation to the east coast, with Usambara’s territory overlying the East African Rift covering a diverse and expansive terrain. It is bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. 
My Usambara
So where is the real Usambara? The real Usambara is not a country or nation by definition, but it is a mountain region in….Tanzania! 
An old map from Southern Usambara
The mointain range is called the Usambara Mountains and is home to the Usambaraveilchen (African Vilotes) and the Pterinochilus murinus aka the Rote Usambara-Vogelspinne (Red Usambara Tarantual but it’s not called that in englisch. You people know these arachnids as Mombasa golden starburst tarantula – a pretty cool name if I might say so)  
The Rote Usambara Vogelspinne aka the Mombasa golden starburst
The Usambara Mountains

Again the Usambara Mountains...I should go there and play a campaign game

So what does that mean for ficitional Usambara? First of all it means a relocation into the Usambara Mountains, and secondly it means a more or less complete redesign of Usambaras history. Tanzania was a former German Colony and only become British territory after the Great War, so there is quite a few changes in the way Usambara developed. That also means that I can explore the history of Usambara a bit more and create new conflicts within the nation. Over the next few weeks or months I’ll rewritte the mostly unpublished history of Usambara and will post it piece by piece here on this blog. I know, not everyone is interested in this kind of content, but it is where my heart and soul are. I studied history and political science and I love to create new and unique stories. Also, with a complete and complex background, the games will become far more interesting. But fear not – we have some miniature reviews and pictures of painted models incoming.
I finally found the perfect models for my Usambara Armed Forces models, so in a couple of weeks, I should be able to present some painted models – it took me some time!
Also on the horizon are some insurgents and the story behind their fight for freedom – as well as some painted models and a short battle report from the first engagement we played a couple of weeks ago.
So I hope not all of you have already left Usambara – because Usambara is very well alive!        


  1. Good stuff. Can't wait to read more. hoped this blog wasn't dead yet.

    1. The blog isn't dead - both of us just of so much to do with work and master degrees that we have almost no time whatsoever for our hobby :( Stick with us - more is coming!